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Sometimes there is so much choice it can feel overwhelming to have to go through them all to find the most suitable tutor. To make it easier for you, we offer tutor recommendations if you would like us to do that searching for you. Your new tutor will normally be in touch within 48 hours.

Read on to understand the search listings and each part of the tutor profiles.


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This is obviously important to consider, however, if you are open to taking lessons online, there are many tutors who offer this service. This is typically done via video chat (Skype or Google Hangouts, etc.).

When you perform a tutor search, there will be a number of icons displayed on their listing. Here’s what they mean:

  •   Tutor’s distance from you
  •   Tutor can travel to you
  •   Tutor can teach from their location
  •   Tutor can teach online
  •   Tutor has an offer available
  •   Tutor has multiple offers available

Tip: If you know you want to take lessons online, then you can type ‘online’ in the location search box.

Tutor Profile

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Any and all relevant qualifications are listed in this section. These include instrument grades, university degrees and memberships (e.g. Musician’s Union). Tutor’s can display up to 10 qualifications on their profile.

Styles Taught

If you know which style you are interested in learning, then check out the styles listed on tutors’ profiles. Some tutors will cover many, while others tend to focus on just a few.


This is the tutor’s relevant teaching and performance experience, which should give a little bit of background and history to the tutor. A lot of tutors will be involved in many different projects, so teaching might only be part-time.

It’s interesting to see what else they are involved in as you might also be interested in similar things.

Teaching Style

This gives you an idea of their approach to teaching. What to expect and how they might be in a lesson with you. A good tutor will always put the focus on you and your learning objectives, methods and preferences. They will also customise the lesson materials to suit your needs and requirements.


This section of the tutor profile is for anything that the tutor is particularly good at and/or has been teaching it for some time.

Other Services, Areas of Knowledge & Musicianship

The subjects listed are normally auxiliary to learning an instrument and music theory. For example, they could include: composition, band leading skills, making a living as a musician, instrument maintenance, etc.

You may find that there’s something listed here on a tutor’s profile that you would love to learn about, so maybe your instrumental lessons can have the focus split between the two. Or something may become more relevant at some point in the future as you progress with your learning.

Teaching Location

This section describes the tutor’s main teaching location. It could be a room in the place they live, or a hired room in a studio, school, or other venue. Some tutors will only teach at the student’s location and this will be mentioned here also.

There is a useful map of their location, which gives you an approximate area as to where they are.

Offers and Discounts

Some tutors offer a discount on the first lesson, or for booking a block of lessons. Bulk discounts can be very attractive offers and you can save a lot in the long run.

If this is something that you’d like to take up, mention it in your message when you get in touch.

Speak to them

Get in touch via the contact form on their profile and their contact details will be send to your email inbox. Your tutor will normally be in touch within 48 hours, however, you are free to give them a call and have a short chat. Find out if you can get along and ‘gel’ with them before committing to booking a lesson.

Risk Free Guarantee

When you book a lesson with a tutor, you are covered by the risk free guarantee. This means that if you aren't completely happy with your choice of tutor after your first lesson, and would like to change your mind, then you are free to do so at no additional cost to you. Your first lesson with your new preferred tutor will be completely on us.

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