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How To Ace Band Auditions

Tips and advice on acing band auditions, whether they are professional or not.

7 months ago Lessons Bands

Becoming An Instrumental Tutor

Useful tips and advice to consider when beginning a career as a private instrumental teacher, including teaching location, prices and DBS checks.

8 months ago Tutors

How Do I Choose The Right Tutor?

Learn about the tutor profiles and how to best find the most suitable tutor for you.

8 months ago Students Parents

10 Important Questions To Ask Your New Tutor

Not everyone asks these, but they are well worth considering when looking for a suitable tutor.

9 months ago Students Parents

A Parent's Guide To Helping Your Child Learn A Musical Instrument

Learn how to make learning an instrument fun and engaging for your child, while optimising their practice time and encouraging them to succeed.

9 months ago Students Parents

How To Form A Band That Will Last

Including where to find band members, band motivation, playing and writing together, regular rehearsals and keeping your skills honed!

9 months ago Students Lessons Bands