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How To Ace Band Auditions

Tips and advice on acing band auditions, whether they are professional or not.

11 months ago Lessons Bands

Becoming An Instrumental Tutor

Useful tips and advice to consider when beginning a career as a private instrumental teacher, including teaching location, prices and DBS checks.

11 months ago Tutors

How Do I Choose The Right Tutor?

Learn about the tutor profiles and how to best find the most suitable tutor for you.

1 year ago Students Parents

10 Important Questions To Ask Your New Tutor

Not everyone asks these, but they are well worth considering when looking for a suitable tutor.

1 year ago Students Parents

A Parent's Guide To Helping Your Child Learn A Musical Instrument

Learn how to make learning an instrument fun and engaging for your child, while optimising their practice time and encouraging them to succeed.

1 year ago Students Parents

How To Form A Band That Will Last

Including where to find band members, band motivation, playing and writing together, regular rehearsals and keeping your skills honed!

1 year ago Students Lessons Bands