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  • BA Music - Leeds University
  • Rockschool - Grade 8 (distinction) Electric Guitar
  • London College of Music - Grade 8 (merit) Electric Guitar
  • ABRSM - Grade 8 Music Theory


My areas of expertise are metal, fusion, rock and jazz, however I am skilled and knowledgeable in other styles too.

I have been studying the guitar since a very young age and it has always been my passion. I spent nearly a decade playing in various metal and rock bands, recording two studio albums and doing countless gigs and tours.

I started teaching in 2005, originally in order to fund my studies however it quickly became clear to me that I wanted the teaching to become a full time profession. I enjoy the challenge of developing new talent, watching them grow, and passing on the metaphorical torch.

In recent years I have been focusing mainly on teaching, and developing myself as a musician. I have studied jazz and fusion with world renowned guitarist Tom Quayle, who has further shaped my playing and teaching style.

I also sell electronic learning material in the form of ebooks and lesson packages, and have sold guitar lesson material to guitarists all over the world.

Teaching Style

My first aim is to establish what the student wishes to achieve with their playing, then I begin to develop a teaching approach which is tailored individually to them. I like to give students exercises and short songs in the style of their favourite artists, as well as working on concepts and ideas to help develop their overall musicality.

I also aim to develop improvisational skill with my students, so that eventually they can feel comfortable creating ad lib. playing over a range of styles/keys/time signatures etc. We also tend to work on exercises which I specifically design to focus on a particular technique, or an area of their playing which requires development.

If students wish to achieve a nationally recognized qualification for their playing, I am happy to guide them through their grades 1-8, following either the RGT or Rockschool syllabus.


Every student has different needs and different aims, so I create a tailored syllabus for every student. I emphasise the importance of ear training, fretboard visualisation, music theory and stylistic awareness, whilst keeping the student on task by relating the material to their own musical tastes.

I have a catalogue of exercises which I have created for my students, with the express purpose of incrementally increasing playing ability in relation to specific styles and techniques. I will assess where a new student is at, and then begin developing them with studies and exercises.

I also believe in the importance of musical theory, and often spend time exploring how theory can be applied to the current piece/exercise which we are working on. If students are specifically interested in theory, I can guide them through grades 1-8 of the ABRSM Music Theory exams. As mentioned, I can also help them with performance exams by RGT and Rockschool.

However, I believe the most important thing is to make lessons fun! Sticking to a rigid syllabus can be tedious, so I keep it interesting by varying my lessons, and spending time learning fun riffs, and doing spontaneous jamming with my students.


My areas of expertise are metal, fusion, rock and jazz , having studied with industry greats from these genres. However I am also very comfortable playing in other styles such as blues, funk and R&B.

I am very knowledgeable on fretboard visualisation and advanced chordal playing, so I have a huge amount of fun tricks up my sleeve to improve your knowledge of the fretboard.

Aside from that, I have also spent many years developing techniques such as legato, tapping and sweep picking, so I am more than equipped to teach your to use such techniques.

Other Services, Areas of Knowledge & Musicianship

Other than teaching guitar, I also have a strong knowledge of classical music, and music theory. I can develop a student's theory knowledge using a range of written exercises, aural exercises and quizzes. Having a classical university background, I also specialize in classical music, which has allowed me to guide students in writing music of their own, for either a popular ensemble, or the likes of a string quartet or choir!

I have also done some work as a guitar tech, so I can advise on guitar repairs, purchases of new equipment, and configuring of existing equipment, to achieve the exact sound which you are after!

Teaching location

I currently teach from my state of the art home studio in Beeston, which is fully equipped with amplifiers and a recording studio. Therefore I strongly suggest that for the best possible learning environment, you travel to me so we can use the full range of equipment.

However, should you be unable to travel to Beeston, I will travel within the Leeds area for an extra £10 per lesson.

Guitar Lesson Prices

Lesson length 45 min
Price at my location (paid monthly) £20
Price at my location (paid weekly) £25

Current Offers / Discounts

50% off first lesson! - Your first lesson will be half price for booking through the form below.

Bulk Lesson Discount - To qualify for the reduced rate you must be having weekly lessons, and pay up front on the first lesson of each month.

Student Testimonials

"David has been my guitar teacher for almost 5 months now. Ever since I began getting private guitar lessons of him, my all round skills on the guitar has improved a lot!

When it comes to teaching David is professional and easy to get along with. I really enjoy Davids style of teaching because he lets me have some control in what I learn and shows me how to improve. David makes sure that I know the theory behind whatever it is he is teaching me to give me a better understanding of the the guitar.

I would recommend David to anyone who is looking to improve their guitar playing or music theory because of his great approach to teaching and his well organised lessons."

John, age 17 - Private guitar lessons Leeds student
David B. teaching a student

"Eddie tried two other tutors before David and didn't have the enthusiasm to practice between guitar lessons. I'm really pleased with the progress he is making now. He enjoys playing different styles of music, the lessons are designed to suit Eddie's needs, and he is motivated to learn more"

Lindsay, mother of Eddie, age 11

"David is always patient and helpful. I enjoy my lessons."

Eddie, age 11​ - Private guitar lessons Leeds student

Listen to David play

David B. playing the guitar

More Testimonials

"David has been my bass instructor for several months now. Not only is David patient, working with me to develop a strong technique, he ensures that every lesson is fun as well as informative. He always shows up with a smile and we laugh while learning. He has always been willing to work with my odd schedule (as I have kept him informed ahead of time). One of the best parts about lessons with him is how he incorporates songs that I am interested in learning while also bringing in new songs and styles I am not familiar playing. He's supportive and I could not think of anyone else I could recommend more for learning how to play no matter how skilled you are!"

Josey, age 34 - Private guitar lessons Leeds student

"I have been playing guitar for a number of years and I have always lacked structure to my playing, which ultimately made me see guitar as a frustration rather than a hobby as I didn't see myself developing in technique and didn't know where to start with theory. I decided to get Skype lessons from David who has completely changed my playing, the lessons I have weekly are well taught, structured and documented. David takes a very personalized approach to teaching, the tools he has given me to develop existing techniques and the new ideas he has implemented into my playing are invaluable. The vast amount of theory that was originally to overwhelming for me to start learning is broken down in to small chunks and implemented week by week into my playing and has vastly improved my ability to pick up and play or improvise which was always a goal to me. The information is accessible anywhere via Dropbox means I can constantly review what I have learnt and structure my practice routine around the lesson plans wherever I am. I would recommend David for a teacher to anyone, wherever you are in the world!"

James Graham (New Zealand) - Skype guitar lessons student

"You can't teach an old dog new tricks" goes the saying, but David defies this mantra. At the age of 33, my wife wanted to get me some lessons for Christmas and she found David. For guitar lessons in Leeds, I would recommend David in a heartbeat. He's patient, listens to you and always keeps the pace of learning challenging, without overloading you. He does lessons in his own home and lessons online, both through Skype, or a distance learning plan, where lessons are released to the Student area of his site at regular intervals. If you're looking for a guitar tutor in Leeds, David's your man. Give him a try in person, as he has the talent to help you learn, and the equipment to let you hear how well you're progressing. His online guitar lessons are in HD quality and are paced at a comfortable level, and at just the right length. I've been having in-person lessons since November 2011 and I couldn't be happier!"

Dan, age 33 - Private guitar lessons Leeds student

"I have a weekly guitar lesson with David. He is easy to get on with, lessons are well structured and tailored to my goals. David is very flexible and able to teach a wide variety of styles and techniques. I play metal and blues, David has greatly helped me develop, and improve my playing and technique. He listens to what I want to achieve and then structures my lessons around reaching my goal. I would recommend him as a guitar teacher to anyone of any level."

Ryan, age 18 - Private guitar lessons Leeds student

"Despite having already played guitar for many years, David has shown me a whole to approach including things I never thought possible! Private guitar lessons are well structured, challenging, contain a good mix of theory and the practical side and, above all, teach technique applicable to most styles of playing. Perfect for expanding your creativity and feeling that anything is possible. David is an excellent teacher and, above all, patient. Very important when teaching someone stuck in their ways like me!"

Paul, age 30 - Skype guitar lessons student
David B. teaching a student

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