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Browse our guitar tutor profiles and find your perfect match based upon your preferences and requirements. All but one guitar tutor currently associated with MJP Music Tuition is based in Leeds. We have one who is in Wakefield.

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If you would like help choosing the right tutor for you, just go to the contact page and tell us what you would like from your guitar tutor. We will recommend the best tutor based upon your preferences and requirements. Each tutor has been interviewed so that we can make the best recommendation for you based on their teaching style and methods.
Once you have made contact, your new tutor will call you at a time that's best for you to arrange your first guitar lesson.

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If you are interested in how much guitar lessons will cost, then go to our Guitar Tutor Price Comparison page, and there you will find a detailed list of prices and current offers from each tutor.

Every guitar tutor works on a self employed basis and sets their own prices. All lesson fees displayed on the tutor profiles are the total payable. Any travel expenses for tutors travelling to you are clearly indicated where applicable.

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MJP Certified Tutors

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Alex H.

Alex H guitar lessons leeds

"I find that the greater the enthusiasm a student has to a style of music, the greater their development as a guitarist. I therefore customize lesson plans and practice exercises to each student individually and create a relaxed environment in which the student can achieve personal targets with greater ease and enjoyment."

David B.

David B guitar teacher Leeds

"My first aim is to establish what the student wishes to achieve with their playing, then I begin to develop a teaching approach which is tailored individually to them. I like to give students exercises and short songs in the style of their favourite artists, as well as working on concepts and ideas to help develop their overall musicality."

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Mike H.

Mike H guitar tutor leeds

"My guitar lessons are tailored towards each individual student's tastes in music and the goals which they want to achieve. I like to let students select songs or pieces of music that they wish to learn and tailor lessons around their selections, providing notations in either tablature or standard notion."

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Danny Y.

Danny Y guitar lessons leeds

"My teaching style is professional yet laid back and patient. This helps give students a wide range of skills, techniques, confidence and also exam grades if they wish. I also think it highly important for lessons to be fun and relaxed enabling students to be creative and get the most out of playing their chosen instruments."

Julian C.

Julian C guitar lessons leeds

"I try to make my teaching as well-balanced and holistic as possible, with the aim of getting my students to fulfill their musical potential. I will tailor lessons so that they learn the music they want to learn, at a level that's appropriate for them."

David F.

David F guitar lessons leeds

“Tuition should differ from formal education. It should grow into a form of mentorship becoming much more insightful to the needs and goals of each person.

My role is not only to teach guitar, but to help guide students down their own musical path.”

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Tom C guitar tuition leeds

"Each one of my lessons are different. They are carefully prepared beforehand, tailored to suit each student's needs, and followed up with either handouts, pieces, emails, phone calls, or any form of support that the student requires."

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Piers D-F guitar teacher Leeds

Piers is focused on providing tuition services to meet the need of every individual pupil. Piers will do everything he can to meet the short term and long term goals and expectations of each and every student.

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Ben D.

Ben D guitar lessons leeds

 "I tailor lessons to get the most out of each student, identifying strong areas and weak areas and using this knowledge as a foundation for learning. Often getting to grips with a new instrument can seem daunting but this does not have to be the case, and I aim to teach guitar in a positive and clear way, encouraging each student to fulfil their potential."

"As a tutor, I always aim to make the most out of the sessions with the student, finding a fine balance between what the student wants to know, as well as all the other musical elements that will elevate the students’ ability and perception around music to the next level."

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Sion L.


Sion L guitar lessons leeds


"I focus on what individual students want to learn. I try to teach using songs as much as possible, introducing aspects of technique and theory which relate to preferred styles / songs. I try to introduce songs which help improve playing in a developmental way while staying in keeping with student tastes."

Based in Wakefield

Gordon C.


Gordon C guitar lessons leeds

"I like to teach to the student's musical taste as soon as basics are covered. Try to make lessons as song based as possible. I have lots of transcriptions/tabs to tunes in a wide variety of styles. Lessons are interactive as students can record bass/guitar parts to backing tracks. I think it's great when people write their own songs/riffs/bass lines and I like to incorporate improvisation into lessons as soon as students are ready for it."


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