Tutor Responsibilities

  1. Always be prepared for every lesson.

  2. If you foresee that you are going to be more than 10 minutes late for a lesson then it is courteous to let the student or parent know.

  3. If you are going through a topic with the student, and you see that the lesson time is complete, spend a few minutes to finish what you are doing. Don't finish the lesson abruptly in mid-topic!

  4. If you have to change or rearrange a lesson please let the student or parent know at least 48 hours ahead if possible. Don't leave it until the last minute.

  5. Remember that students and their parents will judge you by your appearance. When going to a tuition assignment make sure you are cleanly and smartly dressed! Always be respectful and considerate to students in their own home.

  6. Please inform the Agency if you are in any way treated unfairly.